Our Self-Contained

Mobile Pet Grooming Salon

Large breed dog grooming (small short coated breeds too!). We come to your home in one of our 2 state-of-the-art custom trucks that enable us to work faster and better than other mobile groomers. Each truck has 2 groomers on board. We are a family company, We have been in business 23 years now, and pride ourselves on professionalism, punctuality, and kindness to animals.

*West of Rock Creek and North of Calvert St.

Estimated Prices

Prices vary according to size, coat type and condition

  • Golden Retriever $105
  • Australian Shepherd $105
  • Labrador Retriever $85 - $90
  • German Shepherd (short-haired) $95-$100
  • Long-haired German Shepherd $110- $160
  • St. Bernard $125 - $175
  • Newfoundland $200 - $300
  • Bernese Mountain Dog $125 - $175
  • Express Anus Gland $10
  • Short Haired Clip Down $110 - $120
  • Long Haired Clip Down $140 - $160
  • Giant Breed Long Haired Clip Down $175
  • Pug $65
  • Beagle $75

*Tangled, matted, or heavily undercoated pets, and very elderly pets, will cost more Minimum charge per visit of $65

Payment & Appointment Policy

Appointment Policy

  • We will charge $50 for missed appointments or cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • We will arrive within a 2 hour appointment window; we cannot narrow the appointment window.
  • Please understand that our schedule does not permit us to wait if we cannot start work when we arrive.


Payment by cash, credit card or check is made when we finish our work we do not bill.

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Please email us for more information.